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Monday, January 23, 2012

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Here is my trick to chocolate covered pretzels! Cost about $6.00
2 bags of Wilton Candy Melts. $2.50 a bag at walmart (can use 1 bag if you only use half a bag of pretzels)
1 bag of Pretzels $1-$3 a bag

Melt chocolate in microwave safe bowl. Melt for 30 seconds, stir, and repeat until smooth.
 Dump 3/4 of the bag of pretzels in the chocolate. Stir with spatula until nicely covered.

 If you have remaining chocolate in the bowl add more pretzels. When most of the chocolate is on the pretzels then you can dump the whole bowl onto a sheet of wax paper. Separate the pretzels on the paper, I line them up, I was in a hurry when I made these so they aren't as lined up as they normally are :)

 I was out of wax paper so I used freezer paper.  Another variation to this is to add some peanut butter during the melting process and you have some chocolatey peanutbutter pretzels, they are delicious as well. I just made a batch of them this weekend for my sons wrestling banquet, they were devoured so quickly I didn't get a picture of them.

Another Variation: After the chocolate has dried take a decorating bag, fill with white chocolate or colored wilton candy melts and melt in the microwave for 20 seconds, flip and repeat until the melts are melted. Cut a small hole in the tip of the decorating bag and zig zag across the pretzels. I have done orange and black for halloween, green and red for christmas, pink and white for valentines, red, blue and white for the 4th of July. The possibilities are endless... :) enjoy!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Cutting Boards...

So I got an idea the other day, it involved glass etching cream, vinyl, a cutting board and my cricut...I made the KC cutting board for my Goddaughters father, and he is a KC fan. I drew the image in Paint and then used the Sure Cuts A Lot software to trace the image.

I cut the image out on Vinyl, making sure the blade doesn't cut all the way through the vinyl. Then I used Armour Etch cream on the non food surface side of the cutting board (the smooth side). I rinsed it off and now it is dishwasher safe, food safe and a great gift.

I also made this cutting board for a good friend of mine.

These projects are easy and under $20

Thursday, January 19, 2012

High Heel Note Cards - Gift

I often make cards for other people on an as needed basis. This time I thought well if I made a few of them I could give them as a gift. I got out my cricut and bought some animal printed paper and set to work. 

Get your set here:  Amelie's Accessories SVG Kit

I added a tool bow and gave them to my sister. She loved them and now she doesn't want to use them. They are blank on the inside and can be used for many purposes. I suggested she use them for an invite to one of her parties.

File from SVG Cuts check out their amazing collection of SVG files and inspiration.
P.S. They have free files every week!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Penguin Box

I made this cute penguin for my friend for Christmas. I used Christmas Cuddly Friends SVG. I turned it into a 3D file and left an opening at the top to fill with some candies.

I used a file from SVGCUTS for this cute penquin. (Christmas Cuddly Friends). I cut the top layer in black, the bottom layer in black and white (one for the top of the box, one for the bottom). Then I used the side of the Letter O from the 3D Letters and I glued it around the penguin body.

It was a quick project that took about 10 minutes. All of the files found on come with instructions and or an instructional video.

So Crafty!

Hello, My name is Laura! I like to stay busy with crafts and making things. I cross stitch, bake, clay model, work with paper crafts, scrapbooking, card making, glass etching! I love learning new techniques and sharing them with my friends.

Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes. I hope that some of my ideas inspire your cafting hobby as well. Thanks for stopping by!