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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Explosion box


I have seen many explosion boxes recently and they are all stunning! This is one I made for my sister for her Bridal shower.

shower box

Click here to get your Explosion box File

shower box3Inside view.

The paper stack I used was a black and white stack that came with some wedding stickers. (the “our story”, and “true love” captions are stickers)

shower box4shower box5

My Sisters photographer (Sarah Woodruff) was gracious enough to let me use her engagement photos for this project!

This explosion box is a scrapbook page that folds into a box. When you open the box the sides fall down to reveal the page.

SVGcuts has this amazing file and many more available. You can make one for yourself or a friend. There are hundreds of free designs Here (click on Blog, then Free Designs!) Each week they come out with an amazing kit or collection and an absolutely free SVG (no purchase required…see bottom of post for link. Smile)


There is also this amazing file for free until Friday (with 9.98 purchase) Thanksgiving cuties

free svgThis weeks Free SVG at SVGcuts (click on Blog at the top, then Free Designs!)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Wedding cake!

My mom and I made this weeding cake for my aunt this weekend. I think it came out pretty well. We make a good team.  The bride absolutely loved it!

I hope you explore your crafty side by trying something new!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wedding Shower...

Picture heavy blog post today!
Today was my sisters Bridal shower. After hours of planning and preparation, it went off with a bang.
Everyone had a wonderful time. I made some beautiful favors using SVGcuts and also a few other crafty items!

Bridal Cake: made with SVG files.

Favor Boxes: Gable box from SVG cuts.

Magnets, Towels, Necklace, Candles, and Picture frames were the favors of the day.

I made some magnets using the Epiphany Crafts 25 Square Punch.

The towels are made with "fruit ladies" fabric found at The fabric was sewn onto some standard Kitchen towels.

The necklace was made with a 1 inch square tile, diamond glaze, and some pretty patterned paper.

The candles were etched with SVGcuts Celtic design.

Party decor and fun shots!

When we were done with the fun we sat down and made the Wedding favors!! (Got to use all that free labor! haha)

101 Favor boxes with Seed packets inside.

101 Popcorn boxes for a Candy Bar at the wedding.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Turkey Pumpkin...Fall challenge

SVGcuts is hosting a fall challenge. There's still time to participate if you want!!
Below is my project and how to complete it.

For this challenge you can only use items from the following 3 kits:
Harvest Hill
Country Home
Pick a Pumpkin
Using only 3 kits from SVGcuts create a 3D or 2D project. :)

Tail Feathers:
Step 1: Glue the flourish to the shadow flourish. For mine I glued yellow on green and red on brown. Step 2: Glue the 5 flourish blackout cuts together to form a fan. Glue the flourish from step 1 onto the flourish from step 2.
Step 3: Assemble the Pumpkin per the instructions (provided by Mary)
Step 4: Glue the mittens top together
Turkey Head:
Step 5: Glue the Dark Green leaf to the Pear
Step 6: Glue the Acorn to the Apron top
Step 7: Glue the Hat top onto the Hat Bottom glue the Hat onto the Acorn
Step 8: Glue the Scarecrow top (triangle) to the acorn, then glue the acorn to the pear and leaf.

Cut all of the following then start with Step 1 above.

1.       Use the Pick a Pumpkin Kit select the “pumpkin with lid” file. Cut the following files, refer to Mary’s instructional video if you want help or just want to check out a cool video

a.       accents1, accents2, accents 3
                                                                           i.      Color: Dark Orange
                                                                         ii.      Size: 6” wide
                                                                        iii.      Style: Normal
b.      Pumpkin1, pumpkin2, pumpkin3
                                                                           i.      Color: Light Orange
                                                                         ii.      Size: 6” wide
                                                                        iii.      Style: Norm
                        c.       Pumpkin4
                                                                           i.      Color: Light Orange
                                                                         ii.      Size: 6” wide
                                                                        iii.      Style: Normal
                        d.      Pumpkin5
                                                                           i.      Color: Light Orange
                                                                         ii.      Size: 6” wide
                                                                        iii.      Style: Normal
                         e.      Stem
                                                                           i.      Color: Brown
                                                                         ii.      Size: 6” wide
                                                                        iii.      Style: Normal
                         f.        Leaf
                                                                           i.      Color: Dark Green
                                                                         ii.      Size: 6” wide
                                                                        iii.      Style: Normal
                         g.       Curly_qs
                                                                           i.      Color: Dark Green
                                                                         ii.      Size: 11” wide
                                                                        iii.      Style: Normal
2.       Country Home kit
a.       Flourish svg
                                                                           i.      Color: Red
                                                                         ii.      Size: 4.6” height
                                                                        iii.      Style: Shadow Blackout

b.      Flourish Svg
                                                                           i.      Color: 2 Green/3 Medium brown
                                                                         ii.      Size: 5.0” height
                                                                        iii.      Style: Shadow Rounded

c.       Flourish Svg
                                                                           i.      Color: 3 Dark Red/2 Golden Yellow
                                                                         ii.      Size: 5.0 height
                                                                        iii.      Style: Normal

d.      Hat Bottom:
                                                                           i.      Color: Medium Brown
                                                                         ii.      Size: 2.35 height
                                                                       iii.      Style: Normal

e.      Hat Top:
                                                                           i.      Color: Dark Red
                                                                         ii.      Size: 1.5” Height
                                                                        iii.      Style: Normal

f.        Apron Top:
                                                                           i.      Color: Dark Red
                                                                         ii.      Size: .918” Height
                                                                        iii.      Style: Normal

g.       Mittens Top
                                                                           i.      Color: Yellow
                                                                         ii.      Size: 2.288” Height
                                                                        iii.      Style: Normal

h.      Mittens Top
                                                                           i.      Color: Yellow
                                                                         ii.      Size: 2.288” Height (before shadowing, after height is 2.323”)
                                                                        iii.      Style: Shadow

i.         Leaf2
                                                                           i.      Color: Dark Brown
                                                                         ii.      Size: 3.344”
                                                                        iii.      Style: Normal

3.       Harvest Hill kit

a.       Pear Top:
                                                                           i.      Color: Light Orange  
                                                                         ii.      Size: 2.686” height
                                                                        iii.      Style: Normal

b.      Acorn2 Bottom:
                                                                           i.      Color: Dark Brown
                                                                         ii.      Size: 2.511” Height
                                                                        iii.      Style: Normal

c.       Scarecrow Top:
                                                                           i.      Color: Light Orange
                                                                         ii.      Size: 7.220” width
                                                                        iii.      Break apart after sizing and delete all but triangle nose.
                                                                       iv.      Style: Normal

Monday, July 9, 2012

Wedding Favors

 Hello there! Its been awhile...I've been busy making wedding favors!! My sisters wedding is in October. We made 100 of these "Seed Boxes" :) we only have to stuff the seeds and then we are done.

This is a modified version of the Sweetheart box found at SVGcuts the valentines box was modified to have a cover to look more like a book, but function like a box!

 I love boxes so much and SVGcuts has amazing kits and boxes available, (plus excellent customer service. :)

I made the box the standard size as pictured in Mary's PDF file (one is provided for every kit you buy!)
I modified the box by adding a square in Ecal and Welding it together to the box. this created the book cover look. then I added a celtic design and a square to the front and some leaves to the box front.

May you find joy in crafting!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Covered Wagon

I made this covered wagon for my dad for Father's Day. Using a variety of SVGcut's files. 

I made this out of cereal boxes and kraft paper. Then I inked it using a black ink and Tea colored ink pads :) 

 The mini lantern is from Crisp days of fall.
 Bushel baskets in the back of the wagon are from Caramel Apple Pie Kit.

The cover is made from fabric. The paper look just didn't look so well. Layer the paper and cereal boxes to make the wood look. I got a tip from Debra to use a pick and scratch the paper before stamping, this creates a more realistic wood look. :) check out her blog for a complete tutorial. (Debra's Blog)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Springtime has sprung...but then again its Colorado :)

I love living here in Colorado. Today was a wonderful 80* outside and I got a sunburn at the park, tomorrow is calling for snow!!! It is so windy outside right now.
Here is the project I have been working on this week. :) I'm so glad I was able to get a photo outside while it was still warm.

The paper is from The Crafty Stack by DCWV. It is so cute with sewing images and scissors and floral patterns. I just loved it when I saw it.

This is a lever card, from SVGcuts. the Edisto Island Kit, super cute and this kit also comes with adorable summer cards, some truly wonderful ideas for all your crafting needs!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cheerleader Frames

So the other night we had a Reunion with the cheerleaders from High School! Man that brought back a lot of memories! One of my friends suggested that we all bring a photo from back in the day, so that got me to thinking (scary huh!) I made some cute picture frames to hand out!

I cut a rectangle shape at 5x6.5 in black cardstock, then cut another one with dimensions 5x6.5 exteior and 4x6 interior to make the burgandy frame. I then used scissors (aren't they outdated? j/k) to cut out sheet protectors to cover the hole of the burgandy frame. Glued it together using Aileens tacky glue. and then glued the burgandy frame over the black base leaving the top unglued to be able to add a photo and change it out as necessary.
Of couse I used my favorite pace for the files SVG Cuts!! For the Cheerleaders I used the Game Day file, it comes with pom pom girls, football players, cheerleaders, megaphone! This kit really took me down memory lane.

Valentines Celebration for the Kiddos!

Check out this Valentines spread for my Kiddos! They thought it was a wonderful sight after school! I didn't let them eat everything at the same time, lol, although my oldest wanted to!

The chocolate covered strawberries are placed on top of chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting! My husband was in heaven, so was the youngest...(check out the pic below)
 A quick basket for the boys, took about 5 minutes or less to put together. Use a package of sucker sticks or wooden skewers, add a glue dot to the stick choice and attach to the chocolate! Glue dots are extremely sticky and hold up to the pressure of a King size candy bar vs a 18 month old!!! lol (he couldn't get it off the stick and he was trying pretty hard! Check out the pic below of Hunter enjoying wearing a cupcake!

Till next time, Happy Crafting!

Lego Valentines

Check out these Lego valentines my son and I made. We used basic shapes in SCAL2 and created a lego man! Then we cut them out of foam using the cricut. It cut pretty nice and my son loved gluing the pieces together with glue dots onto his Valentines, and drawing the faces on the Lego men.

Cowboy Birthday

Here's a birthday card for my brother in law. Found a cute paperstack called "all about boys". This  stack made this card super simple to put together.

Cut the 12X12 paper in half, use SVG file for Happy Birthday pop up. Glue the 2 pieces together and Ta da!  I cut a little down around the edges so that it isn't quite 6X6 finshed product but its pretty close.

Made an envelope using the Premium Popup cards template.

I love the files at Svgcuts, currently on their facebook page you can enter to with a Sizzix Big Shot, used for embossing and cutting dies!!

Also they are giving away a complete set of their Punkinpatch stamps! You will adore these stamps if you haven't discoved them yet, go ahead and check them out!!